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  • Arturo Tello

    410 Palm Ave Loft A-1, Carpiinteria, CA 93013

    California landscape painter Arturo Tello was born on December 5, 1954 in Tulancingo Hidalgo, a town near Mexico City. He began his formal training as a figure painter, but his innate feeling for the land drew him inexorably toward depicting the shifting light and natural forms of his adopted country’s coastline and bluffs. His strong belief in the importance of preserving open spaces led him to help to form the Oak Group.  Affiliated around the venerable Ray Strong, this group of landscape painting friends, works to celebrate and preserve the natural environment through their paintings.  A founding member of the Oak Group, he is represented by the Easton Gallery in Montecito and John Pence Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

    David Terrar

    23663 Rolling Fork Way, Gaithersburg, MD 20882; 301-253-4589; David_Terrar@msn.com; LandscapesbyDavidTerrar.com

    Wendie Thompson


    Randall Tillery

    P.O. Box 575, El Dorado CA 95623; artbytillery@yahoo.com; www.artbytillery.com

    Linda Tippets

    Augusta, MT; (406) 562-3611

    Lubomir Tkacik

    Kosice, Slovakia; tkacik@gmail.com; www.plener.sk

    Alfredo Tofanelli

    250 Water Street, Petaluma, CA 94952; 707-776-2600; alfredo@tofanellistudio.com; www.tofanellistudio.com