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  • Rae O’Shea

    14 Concord Drive, Kendall Park, NJ 08824; 908-672-6402; Raearth3@aol.com; Raeosheaart.com

    The Oak Group


    The Oak Group
    PO BOx 115, Summerland, CA 93067; arturote@aol.com; www.theoakgroup.org.

    Originating nearly two decades ago with “a handful of friends meeting to paint a coastal California bluff,” the Oak Group, following the lead of Ray Strong, has over the years established itself as a powerful philanthropic organization whose mission is to raise public awareness of endangered landscapes in and around Santa Barbara County. By documenting on paper and canvas the few untouched spaces remaining along the coast and then exhibiting their work, the group’s 24 members—among them accomplished painters Arturo Tello, Marica Burtt, Hank Pitcher, Glenna Hartmann, John Comer, Michael Drury, Patricia Chidlaw and Richard Schloss—have donated more than $750,000 to such organizations as the Nature Conservancy, the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County and the Marin Agricultural Land Trust.

    The Oak group mounts three exhibitions every year: “A tribute to Ray Strong,” runs this fall from November 17 through December 4 at the Faulkner Gallery in the Santa Barbara Public Library; “Ranches & Rolling Hills,” a spring show at Druid’s Hall, Nicasio, highlights endangered landscapes; and an August reception on Santa Cruz Island Gallery benefits the Nature Conservancy. For more information about the Oak Group, call Arturo at 805-684-4802 or visit www.theoakgroup.org.

    Ohio Plein Air Society

    P. O. Box 16264
    Ohio 43216