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  • Perry Kapsch

    18200 Beallsville Road, POB 38, Poolesville, MD 20837

    Mark Kerckhoff

    59 Brighton Place
    Laguna Nigal,  ca 92677
    (949) 443-5107

    Mark Kerckhoff paints nature and creates beauty.  His art, highly regarded in southern California for nearly thirty years, is at once inspired and inspirational.  The time he spends out doors is transferred from his eye, to his heart, to hand, to brush, to canvas; then conveyed to the eye of the beholder… and to their heart.  Incredibly, through the use of color, light, composition, and depth, Mark’s paintings carry the viewer to the time and place of the piece, or even to a different time and place that only the viewer can know.  Like the scenes depicted, Mark’s paintings are fresh and new at each encounter; the kind of art you can live with and relate with every day, definitely not static, very much alive.   Mark is represented by the Casa de Paz, Tree of life gallery in San Juan Capistrano, CA and Daryl Millard Gallery in Solana Beach, CA.

    Richard Keyes

    15071 Kingston Lane, Huntington Beach, Ca 92647; 714 892 4783; rdkeyes1@yahoo.com; RDKeyes.com

    Paul Keysar

    Emerald Isle, NC; 704-886-8013; info@paulkeysar.com; www.paulkeysar.com

    Mohammad Reza Kiany

    Iran-Fooladshahr, Esfahan; siasefid42@yahoo.com

    John Kilroy

    28 Fairmount Way, Hull, MA 02045; kilroy@johnkilroy.com; www.johnkilroy.com; 781-925-0582

    Lorraine (Larri) King

    2927 Hamilton Square, Decatu, GA 30033

    Glen Kramer

    Plein air studies of Northern California

    Lena Kurovska

    Plein air paintings of Ukraine.