A Letter from the Publisher

Barbara Runcie/Coastal Women Magazine

As a longtime lover and collector of plein-air art, surrendering to the urge to paint was a profound experience for me, one that evoked a challenge, joy and satisfaction beyond any I’d ever imagined. Everywhere I turned, the world seemed anew, whether I was driving down a road, sitting in a café or looking out a window.  A myriad of new shapes, value ranges and color–all illuminated in transient light–fascinated and dared me to try and catch it’s fleeting glory.

Moderately obsessed with my discovery, I proceeded to paint and learn about plein-air art whenever and wherever I could. I found the most interesting and valuable information came from today’s plein-air painters and the gallery owners and collectors who deal and collect this wonderful art form. While I did come across a few helpful plein-air art websites along the way, I realized a lot more could be done in this arena. I began envisioning a central database or clearing house for everything plein-air art—a place to find an artist, gallery, workshop or event; a place to show, promote and sell one’s art; a place to view, talk and learn about plein-air art. This site is designed to function as just that, a unique meeting space for all those interested in plein-air art.

If you’ve found your way through the site to read this statement, it’s a safe bet that you, too, love everything about plein-air art and will find PleinAirArt.net a worthwhile and enjoyable spot to hang your hat for a bit. If you have any thoughts or comments as to how we can improve the site, please send them our way. We’d love to hear from you.

Happy viewing and painting,

Rob Robinson
Publisher PleinAirArt.net